Yorkie’s Honest Take on the Opening Week of PES 2019

Trying to Re-Invent the Wheel

As we drop from Summer towards Winter as a gamer you know its a good time of the year.

A plethora of new games coming out each year, this year is no different and for us the fans of the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series this year looked a little brighter; releasing a demo early that allowed online play really whetted the appetite.

Roll forward to the 30th August 2018 and I guess the warning signs was there at 9.30am before the game was purchased

Like many, I’m not a fan of digital downloads, they’re more expensive despite taking out the middle man. Something I’m sure I’ll touch on at a later date.

Heading to my local supermarket (Tesco) to pick up a copy only to be told they weren’t carrying the franchise any more with others following suit, having it confirmed that Asda and from info received via Twitter, this concerned me. Only retailer I could find locally other than the usual Game store was Argos. Argos it is then !



After installing the game I decided to play MyClub.

I enjoyed it on PES 2018 so felt it was a good place to start after an hour spent editing the right Club names for teams, something that has become synonymous with Xbox One and the franchise these days. First Game after using my codes to get Beckham & Coutinho on loan along with Bale, I went about setting up my team.

So far so good. Then, I go to play an actual game.

I had to leave some players out due to manager restrictions but no biggy. The Network matched me with a user in my first game who had Klopp as manager, Neymar, Romario and a team full of good gold and the occasional black ball players.

A heavy 5-0 defeat later and the options are already blatant if you wanna compete your gonna have spend some more cash Yorkie buddy!

£7.99 later for a pack of coins and I have Klopp as manager and make a couple of signings with what’s left over. Next game is a better closer game and I edge a 2-1 win.

Moving onto Co-op play, again we didn’t do bad in PES 2018 and the servers first night was a dream. Subsequent games however over the weekend, it appeared that the game went from bad to worse to the point i was ready to fuck it off.

Every game we played, we matched against a MyClub team. Maybe its just me and my team mate but MyClub over standard teams seem overpowered. One win and a couple of draws in 10 or so games for 2 veterans of online football games speaks volumes.

We can both accept losing, but the essence that made PES the game it was, seems to have gone. No longer are you rewarded for keeping the ball and working chances and thinking, “WHAT A GOAL”, a simple long pass for Salah, Mane or Simeone to name 3 and your screwed. Remember, I’m referring to Co-op here with the game modes player changing being somewhat flawed at times.



We’ve identified a few issues within the gameplay over the weekend.

  • There’s the turn on the angle and shoot across the keeper goal. How many goals are scored in this way?

The demo had it and so does the full game. A quick pass on the edge of the box turn and shoot = goal.

  • Skill dribbles that can’t be tackled due to button delay or the tackle mechanics as they stand, slide tackle is so slow or doesn’t even respond like it did in 2018 which was perfect for blocks, interceptions.
  • The AI players in the way of controlled players taking control of the ball, passes going 20 yards further than where intended despite a player being there to receive the ball.

If you play some great football and hit a screamer but the keeper seemingly makes a worldie save every time. Saturday 1st September and for me and I’m already having serious issues with the game. Playing MyClub for most of night and the PES as I know as has gone, its slowly morphing into what feels like a FIFA build. The longer the night went on the more I wanted to smash something.

The game doesn’t seem right at present.

The connectivity is hit and miss as it has been for a number of years, you would have thought that this would have been top priority with the amount of money people are chucking at MyClub.

I tweeted Saturday that its turning in to FIFA so I may as well trade the game for FIFA and get the licenses etc.

Hardly ever did you get a last minute goal to decide a game 3 games on the spin drawing going into injury time and the opposition score. FIFA ‘d on PES go figure.

A game that I love, despite no option files on Xbox and 5 hours spent editing and I’m thinking of getting rid already.

The potential is there to remedy it but the silence from Konami and the guys who push the “positives” throughout the build up, liking positive tweets is great and pushing those forward who appear to support certain concepts about the game or a particular game mode; where instead, i’d prefer if the company would engage with all views negative or positive.

For me co-op needs options / filters not to match with MyClub teams. MyClub; I’ve seen a tweet where someone has a full team of black ball players already 3/4 days after release is shameful again micro purchases talk, I’ve been advised to play Divisions as that’s fairer.

Shouldn’t All the game be fair?

Thanks for taking the time to read if you made it to the bottom 🙂



Yorkie Blades

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