Xbox One and the Lack of Editing Options….

Why do we not have the same features?

Is the common question posed by the users of Microsoft's Xbox One.
There’s been a lot of negativity in recent days via our Social Media regarding PES, Konami and Microsoft. Is it appropriate or is the negativity over the top?
I'm going to outline my thoughts and hopefully get your feedback along the way. Firstly and fortunately, I have both consoles. I have been on Xbox since 2007; moving from PC to 360 for FIFA; I have the Day One Edition of the Xbox One and will be waiting until the New Year before looking to go out and buy the X once the prices have come down to a reasonable price.
On the other hand, I’ve had the PS4 since August. I've had 3 months with it and have come to the conclusion that my preferred console is without doubt, the Xbox One. Why do I have a PS4 then?
It was bought to simply to get the best out of Pro Evo’ to take advantage of the Option Files.
I hate the PS4 controller, the layout, the comfort. The fact that the PS4 only has 2.4ghz for Wi-fi is a massive ball ache also. So what's shite about the Xbox One?
The SIMPLE answer is that I CANNOT use Option Files.

So, why can’t we?

We’ve had it clarified a number of times by Asim Tanvir and Adam Bhatti that it has nothing to do with Konami. They won't be drawn on why, stating its not their place to say why so the theorists of us out there jump to conclusions. We can all batter Phil Spencer, Major Nelson and everyone else linked to Xbox until we're blue in the face, the simple fact seems to be - they won't reply but then one asks myself, whether that's a won't, or is it a can't?
Now, from a marketing perspective, look at it this way.
Whilst we're all pissing and moaning about not having something, we're talking and engaging about Xbox and Microsoft. We're bumping up the Social Media engine for them and on the counter argument, they do now have the most powerful console. HOWEVER, as i've recently tweeted - what is the point in having all of that power if we're simply not going to be able to take advantage of it?
As you can see, we're basically being told by a representative of Xbox Support to refer to the publisher. That being, Konami.


There's various tweets - but this one sums things up nicely for us. Its a re-direct off topic.
The question being posed is "WHAT IS THE REASON?" not "WHERE CAN I FIND INFO ON FEATURES?" as ^MP has responded.

Adam's reply back in June 2017

So, we start asking ourselves the same questions again and again and AGAIN !


I'm back to square one. Neither Publisher nor Console teams wish to clarify what the EXACT issue is, but at least we know that its Xbox related.

So, here's my thoughts.

Image result


One of the main things EA have over Pro Evolution Soccer is the Licenses. Now, lets break it down a little further. What do they have on both consoles?

They have Timed Exclusives & the same games eventually, this is to name but two areas. But, what don't they have?  EA ACCESS.

Sony PlayStation knocked back EA's advancements stating that it wasn't good value for money. I'd beg to differ. I'm not buying FIFA.

For one, I'm not interested in it.

Second, why pay for it when i can play it 6 months down the line as or when i choose to for absolutely nothing.

But then, is an agreement in place between Xbox / Microsoft and EA?

What did Microsoft give up for this ability? Did they sign something to state that they would not offer the ability to allow option files? So long as it is exclusive to Xbox and MS, we can't answer this question. The likelihood is, it may have something to do with this, and could be a possibility; But at the end of the day, the info I've read via Social Media, other online Gaming sites etc. all suggest its more to do with the "hardware" ability.

Legal Action - Lawsuits?


Are Microsoft concerned enough to take this into consideration?

Again, I doubt this very much. Sony isn't even in the top ten of companies according to the Fortune 500 (courtesy of

So I delved into Forbes. A well renowned website.

They showed MS at number 3 also whilst Sony sat at number 73  (Link to Forbes is HERE) whilst heading onto Wikipedia we found MS still at number 3 in terms of market capitalisation.

So, should it come down to a legal battle, I think there's enough coffers in the bank to argue / lose the case.

Lets face it, we ALL know that users playing Pro Evo on both PS4 and Xbox One as a whole will likely be below FIFA, but its starting to climb the interest ranks; but as individual markets are compared, PS4 is the biggest benefactor of PES, but then, Sony haven't been chased by any claims of copyright infringement, so why would Microsoft?

Hardware Ability


So, what is the difference?

In bog-standard talk - the graphics are slightly clearer on PS4 than the Xbox One. PES on PS4 looks "clean" compared to the Xbox which is more of a "foggy" take on the game and the obvious aspect of the Option Files. Other than this, its down to the usual hardware comparison, which we're not fussed on.

So, here's the big thing and something I'm a little confused by. Direct from Xbox Support's webpage (

So, let me get this straight. I can use my Xbox One AND a USB device even IF its not meeting the external drive requirements. BUT I'm NOT going using it to save GAMES or APPS?? So I can use an external device then?

Now, this is a big thing and probably where it confuses me the most.

If i can use a USB stick, then why can't I access the data within ANY game, let alone Pro Evolution Soccer? Yes, for those of us on Xbox One - the game allows you to import the "MEDIA" files within the game itself.



So, it is in effect the game that imports the files from the USB device. So that's one issue clarified, its dealt with by the game. We DON'T have that ability on Xbox One and this feature is missing from within the game.

The second and more important and the likely reason - Microsoft prevents this. This is what everyone believes and so do I.

Effectively, from my limited understanding, by uploading a file to PS4, it takes the images and edited data direct to the game folder / files itself within the system. If Microsoft is preventing this, then ultimately, we cannot use it. Its like a password enabled feature on a Windows Folder or file - its encrypted. But then again, why is this the case? Viruses, malware etc.?

If its because of the anger it may generate from users that they'd have to install "custom" kits or edited data each time a game is updated then I'm sure we'd all bite the bullet and say - hey go for it, its a five minute job to re-install everything.

Its like Xbox and MS are teasing us with the Media Player and File Explorer, yet they're preventing us from going that one step further. Why, we sincerely don't have a clue, all we know is that its very impactful and harmful for the growth and enjoyment of many.

It certainly would be interesting to get those involved at Xbox to give us a reason why.

So, this leads us onto the next and ultimate area. Voting with your fingers....




So, it basically states:

We want Option file for PES 2018.

On the occasion of the arrival of the excellent football simulator PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018, we want an agreement so that we can share shields, equipment, images ... Same as the PS4.

Well, because we are paying some rights that should be the same for all users, PES 2018 is the same for both platforms, and in xbox we do not have all the content.

Why do we complain? As we are faithful to the XBOX console, we do not want to switch to PS4, we are comfortable and very happy with this console, we only ask for an update so we can share the files with the game and enjoy.

I have seen many people who have switched to PS4 because they CAN NOT ADD OPTION FILE TO XBOX ONE.

We just ask that you listen to us and give us a vote in favor and thank you for so many years of trustworthiness.

It is a simple feature that xbox is very capable of having.




There's also this one that we're in favour of as you can see! There are others out there - smaller votes also, 36, 44 votes and more...



So where do we go from here?


The simple fact is, we have to wait and see if MS get involved with this and advise us why or if they're going to look into it. Its madness not to. Imagine the possibilities for ALL of the people involved, Forza customs to name another game that would benefit greatly from it; the fact that we're pushing and we're getting no feedback is uninspiring.

We ALL have to vote. It doesn't matter if you are on PS4, Xbox One or elsewhere!

The reason why i say this is because those involved with the custom editing kits would benefit so much by having a wider audience, two consoles and a much bigger arena to play in; who knows - better feedback, better kits because of a bigger and more diverse team? Without the votes, MS won't acknowledge things - and you may say, well they don't anyway! If we don't try, we won't know or ever get and answer to the burning question.

Just remember guys, its not for the want of trying, and in any case - it does not appear to be the guys at Konami, including Adam Bhatti, Asim Tanvir and co.


These guys have probably got their hands tied as much as the next, so we need to start at the top and push and argue with the right people, abuse and anger towards the wrong people will only likely find us in the mire that EA are in with FIFA. At least, whilst we STILL have access to some of the guys such as Asim, lets make sure we're constructive in our criticism and help in moulding the future, not harmful to it as i've seen first hand what negativity can bring when involved in FIFA.


To vote for either of these polls (PLEASE DO!!!) head over to: