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Welcome to

We are here to develop into a community and by doing so, wish you the very best of experiences each and every time you come to visit us.

We are by no means experts, we are not professionals and we certainly make mistakes now and again, we are human.

The idea of this site is to have an area where we can all discuss, communicate and at times, compete on an organised and proper basis. We all have our own opinions we also respect the rights of others opinions.

Please find below a list of our rules and regulations that we would like you to follow.

Be Polite and Respectful

We are all here to further our involvement in one way or another. Some have more experience than others, please show consideration. This in turn will assist with a welcoming environment and in turn a rewarding experience for all


Think before posting

We say this because we do this not for profit, but for fun. We do not want to deal with abusive or aggressive remarks. But please REMEMBER, the written word is sometimes different to the spoken word and can be misinterpreted.

  • Post in the relevant Section
  • Stay on topic otherwise we may move / remove the post to the relevant area or to a safe haven (bin it in other words ;))
  • If there is something that is wrong, please report the post or thread. We will deal with the matter in a unbiased and relevant fashion

No No’s


  • We’re attempting to create a mature and constructive community. Whilst there are no profanity filters in place, please be mindful as to what you are posting.
  • Post inappropriate comments or images
    Flame or Provoke other users
  • Spam the site and / or our users with any content and / or request without express permission from Admin / Owners first.
  • Create multiple accounts, duplicates or any other account which may impact the website.
  • Bump Threads that don’t need bumping
  • Advertise ANYTHING not approved by Admin
  • Copy, reproduce or plagiarise content from this site in anyway shape or form.
    • This includes any posts, content and images along with anything else that maybe identified at a later date without the permission of Admin / Owner.
  • Use PESOnline in usernames / email addresses. This is one way we identify spam accounts.
  • Be malicious, abusive, argumentative; use derogatory or vulgar comments which may include religion, race, homophobic or any other term that could cause offence; in turn act in a behaviour that may cause offence.
  • Engage in any illegal activity on this site – you WILL be reported to the authorities

Warnings & Bans

Warnings will be issued where necessary.

If you break any of the above rules and / or regulations; breach any terms of the wider site rules in which we have obtained the licence(s) from and / or where we feel it necessary we will issue warnings or even go to the length of banning those who regularly cause issue / breach our rules.

Incidents where race, sex, religion or any other matter is brought into the equation where it is seen as been against the general morals of being an average human being will see an instant ban. We are ALL different. Please remember and respect this.

We may where we see fit, remove bans and offer opportunities to allow users to come back into our community, however where flagrant breaches of our trust and / or any of partners (or future partners) may occur, we reserve the right to deny use or remove the use of our site.

We also reserve the right to amend, add or make decisions that may affect any user that signs up to the site which we deem to be in the best interests of the community and /or the owners of the site.

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