PESOnline’s Open Cup Review

We recently ran an Open Competition on PS4, our first and it seemingly was rather successful.

We didn’t expect a lot, however what we got was a collective of seven users who were committed in getting in contact with one another, arranging games and then playing them. For a group of guys who have never played against one another, we found that the competitiveness was there, but also fairness. No one moaned, complained – just got up and got on with it. It was a breath of fresh air from our past FIFA days. So much so, as soon as it was completed, we began focussing on a more long term solution to people’s questions.

Yes, a league format is coming. But first, lets get this review out and lets give you guys some credit!

The Quarter Final stages were always going to potentially present a few issues and when we had only one non-starter within those games, we felt extremely lucky and fortunate that we had some responsible folk involved. For those reading this and weren’t involved, the format was as follows:

Quarter Finals
Semi Finals

Each round consisted of two games versus the opponent, the scores tallied to provide a final outcome, if it was a clear winner, the player progressed, failing that it was a Golden Goal scenario.

The teams chosen for the Competition were, Argentina, Brazil, France, Portugal, England, Spain, Italy and Germany. Unfortunately, the German team missed out on playing on this occasion.


Quarter Finals Results

The first game reported was Kayum_8 vs True82Religion. The final result being an 11-1 scoreline. As part of the competition I thought we had no chance.

I can’t congratulate True enough though. To consider after his first game loss (9-0) he continued when we’ve seen people in the past just throw the towel in. This sort of commitment is lacking these days, so thanks to him for sticking with it even though it was an unenviable task trying to right a scoreline that required him to score 10 in the second game.

The second game reported was between ChaelMir6666 (SlicedBread ( who played Rivaldooo21 who is part of the PES LIETUVA Community. This one was a much closer affair, however Slicedbread came out on top here. He did try and stream it, however unfortunately, he ran into tech difficulties with Twitch. This saw Argentina moving forward with an overall score of 7-5 on Agg. Again, top notch competition but most of all fair play.

The third game was myself and Yorkie Blades. Considering we’ve played each other countless times over the last few years on PES, I think i speak for both of us and say we both expected a much different set of games. It was a very close affair for both games, chances were few and far between and when they did come they were missed. It was only when it came down to Golden Goal after two stalemates did i manage to nick the goal from a corner. Very unsporting of me, for a very good friend, i did cheer. Sorry Yorks. I’ve missed the competitive streak of playing Footy games. I’ll buy you a beer at some point in the not too distant future 😉

The fourth game between BlueVino (CumbrianToffee) and Zeusinjo ended in a Bye to BlueVino when no reply was received from attempting to make arrangements.

Onto the Semi Finals!

I played Kayum_8 see some of the highlights below.


It was fair to say I was extremely upset with myself. Coasting in the second game with a lead, only for the second half to go to complete rat crap compounded an overall loss. To say i was disappointed, was an understatement, but hey that’s competition!

Regardless, i was glad to be part of it, again wholly fair and no issues whatsoever.

The second semi came down to the recently given Bye, CumbrianToffee vs SlicedBread. This ended in a 5-0 loss to CumbrianTofee – we know personally that he had been practising and he was hopeful he’d be able to use the physicality of France to overcome Argentina but from playing in our Clan team afterwards, he said it just didn’t happen.

The Final!

Kayum_8 vs SlicedBread.

The action can be reviewed here:


I managed to get home from work and was able to watch it. It was a very very close affair. Both players deserved something from it. Again, it came down to a golden goal, Kayum_8 pinching it.

Congrats to all involved!

It shows how strong the PES Community can come together to play competitively, yet fairly.