April 2019


I have a history within the FIFA community and I’m proud of it. I spent a good few years working with some amazing people within the Community before i ventured away.

I made some good friends and bonds whilst working or playing within FVPA UK and I’m glad to say that those friendships haven’t passed.

Due to our desire here at PESOnline UK to get back involved I made contact with JAnders, one of the guys behind Virtual Pro Network (VPN) and a MAJOR supporter of Pro Clubs.

VPN is the BIGGEST platform for FIFA Pro Clubs and this can be represented in their awesome success by working with the Argentinian FA for eSports.


We ARE a Community of gaming!

We’re working on F1 all the time and this won’t change, but we’re also in love with football!

VPN is THE one stop shop for Pro Clubs or the Fantasy style where drafts are at the forefront of leagues, cups and more.

I’m extremely proud to announce that we’re once more working in collaboration with VPN and the guys within the community that FVPA UK had engaged in to bring you the best available system within Pro Clubs and we’re even more happier to announce that it’ll not just be FIFA that we will be using it for.

We’re ecstatic to present VPN to the community of Pro Evolution Soccer!

VPN is a platform that is second to none for stats, for players and managers alike; but more over a system that allows you and your team to grow and be seen across the FIFA & now the PES Community.

We’ll be looking to utilise it for EVERYTHING, from general Pro Clubs to Full Manual on both games!