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E3 for PES 2019 has been and gone, well for the English Streams as it is.

There has certainly been some highs and lows for the game during the 3 streams presented by the guys from Konami and from our friends from our PS4 days over at PESUniverse.

As we’ve personally come to expect, there’s been the negative comments; last year we had the nets (as it has been in the past iterations of the game); this years social media panic has seemingly been the menus. Personally, i don’t give a shit. They serve a purpose and so long as they’re working, then who cares?

Coming from our FIFA days, we’re still in somewhat of a honeymoon period; we know the game has its flaws – its a video game for crying out loud!

If you want the real thing, get your arse outside and get playing. Konami have for me, moved the game forward each year since i’ve started playing – that being since 2015, granted, 2016 onwards i’d sugget that Konami have had my money.

We’ve lost the ability to say BVB was our own with Pro Evo.


Is this a bad thing?

Probably not. Konami and the guys have clearly been working hard to “license” as much content as they could and thats been a big thing for the last few years. Its nice to see the Scottish League being placed on the game; i’m still holding out hope for the lower leagues of our leagues here in England, but i’m sure those have been snapped up by EA; i suppose time will tell.

Gamescom was a big thing last year; but researching it now as I type; Konami have shifted things; they’re releasing the game earlier, 28th August when Gamescom runs 21-28th August so this year, Gamescom may have some info, but not an awful lot pre release.


Welcome to the E3 PES 2019 Trailer...

My main concern for our Xbox Community is the lack of Option Files, again.

However, I want to take this opportunity to place on record and thank Asim Tanvir for confirming to us that nothing has changed from 2018’s game with regards to “option files” for Xbox.

It is what is it, unfortunately.

I’m not going to sit here and criticise Adam, Asim or anyone else who is involved in the game.

If from what we’ve been told previously; its MS.

I do question the motives of Konami however when it comes to the transfer to our console and also our comunities; are we taken serious?

For example; offering PS4 control pads and t-shirts within the E3 streams and no sign of an Xbox One pad nor a keyboard?

In some respects; and i can understand this – Konami are interested in PS4. It’s got the greater share of users, the likelihood of more sales from PS4; yet strangely on the E3 review of PS4 – PES 2019 was simply NOWHERE near it??

Now what i do like is that Asim is openly saying “Phil, come speak to us”.


If truth be told, i’m wounded.

Absolutely frustrated and fucked off by the whole situation. If Konami get my money (lets face it, i can’t see EA doing anything properly again); this will be the 4th year i’ve seen Xbox not have option files.

As a football fan; like many, and an avid gamer – i want to play the BEST football game and experience the BEST. PES is quite clearly the BEST football game available at the moment IMHO.

What do we get on Xbox One seemingly because of MS?

We get a half arsed output with mickey mouse kits again; we get NO input from MS regards why, whether its a contractual agreement with EA due to EA Access, whether its because FIFA is their preferred title or the fact that they just can’t be fucking bothered to work on it??!?

Be transparent, open and honest. If there’s an issue, get the fucker identified and people will stop asking questions. The Xbox Uservoice is a shit format also – there were a lot of votes last year for the option file to be implemented, still, we’re found wanting.

There is NO DOUBT in my own mind that MS and the Xbox E3 Conference pissed all over Sony’s.

It was a mickey mouse presentation with musicians leading on to extended video clips…for the last 3 years, i’ve been disappointed with Xbox. Not this year, yet as it stands the one game where i am “likely” to spend most of my time will be a port in some respects.


Sorry Phil, whilst we’re ahead for this E3; you’ve let me and many more PES heads down again..

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