Get PES 2018 On Top





So, after PES2018 was shown in all of its glory at E3 in LA, I thought I'd go back to my gaming roots and start looking forward once more to a "new" football game.

For those who know me; I'm no novice when it comes to football games, not the best player, not the worst - I've ran a few tournaments in my time. Biggest one was probably from the under the FWCC umbrella, over platforms, PS3, Xbox 360 and of course PC.

In fact, I've probably been playing football games since before some of the guys reading this was born.

I began being drawn into the deteriorating franchise of what was FIFA. I previously didn't want to listen to what others were saying, my enthusiasm for a "game" and motivation for that same thing was unrivalled.

I wanted to see it go on.

Being invited along to Guildford to EA's HQ, seeing and hearing first hand what the guys at EA were applying to the Game back when Next Gen first appeared and what those guys cared about and the way they delivered it was intriguing, exhilarating but it certainly became clear it wasn't Pro Clubs and we all know what the cash cow of FUT has developed into, yet people were and are still drawn into it to this day. I was then put onto PES 2015 by my good mate Yorkie.

It certainly wasn't FIFA, the online setup was poor, the menus "funky" and licenses, well what licenses bar a few?

Yet, somehow i began to look beyond FIFA. I still went out and bought it, then traded it in a short while later at FIFA16 because i felt like i was cheating.

PES 2017 and FIFA 17 came around.

I didn't put my eggs into one basket so to speak; that being the first time in a number of years. I wanted to see what the demo's came out like.

Hands down, i can't fault Pro Evo 17. It was light years ahead, it felt like i was involved in the decisions, whilst the clunky FIFA 17 with its souped up graphics and crisper textures did nothing for me. For 18 years, it was the first time I'd not pre-ordered FIFA or bought it on day one, but instead bought PES2017 via pre-order. I pay the supplementary £20 for EA Access as many of us do, so played the 10 hours freebie on FIFA and hated it. Although it did better than FIFA16, that didn't even get to 6 hours.

Yet, each time i play FIFA, i'm compelled to go back to PES. This year is no different, even though Adam Bhatti confirmed our worst nightmares for us on Xbox One.







So, when I saw this, i felt and thought, "Well maybe its time to take another look at FIFA" .

I was expecting to see improvements to a game that in the last 5 years been ruined and to see if it could get my attention back. As with EA, they throw everything into the basket with the shiny pieces expecting us to fall into bed with them. Its been the same dross year on year for their trailers, so it wasn't a surprise that i wasn't bothered, yet i thought - lets see what the previews of the gameplay is like come E3 and also the demo.

Alternatively, the teaser came for PES and i was more than a little interested i must say - i mean who wouldn't, look at the graphics, but then can we trust this these days?




So, seeing the tunnel at the Nou Camp i was still a little intrigued, whilst still also very disappointed. I was really hoping for the ability to upload Option Files this time around, just to try and make things a little more authentic but i keep thinking about the response from Adam. I've tweeted from my personal and also site Twitter account to see if i can identify why, yet no-one ever gives a concrete answer.

E3 finally came and whilst the Xbox One X has whetted the appetite for new tech (even the Mrs, who was tested this evening didn't knock the idea back) with new graphical power, being faster and stronger, the only other thing from E3 i was looking forward to was a Halo game and details of FIFA / Pro Evo.

Again, I've turned to picking up reviews from others, those in the know and those who have a grounding, for example Brian Emeka always seems to speak with openness and also a calmness in his posts.


Its been reported that the Fox Engine is going to be given a fresh lick of paint for 2018. Lovely. It needed it in my opinion to bring it into line with the current games on show. People like graphics; us older folk like gameplay. There has to be a compromise and i find that Konami do this extremely well.

Information suggests that the refinements will also see closer ball control. This for me; until I've played the game is an unknown.

I enjoy the current version, its already light years ahead of FIFA17 and from the reviews I've heard of the FIFA18 E3 build, its no more advanced than FIFA17 was. Will we see a dazzling improvements in attacking prowess like we've seen in FIFA. I sincerely hope not; at least not without the same sort of improvement in defending as this is where FIFA lacks tremendously.

The TrustedReviews review states that we've had a refinement to penalties and also free kicks and corners. Me personally, if you're stuck with EA's version for such a long time, you don't realise what you have until its gone. For me, I'd have left this as is, with a few improvements. Better camera angles for one, which seems to be included, but again, what's not broke for me, don't try and fix it; the other things such as better keeper reaction and the ability to move along the line after the taker presses their button to shoot - i don't know what additions have been made just yet, but hopefully it'll benefit from it.

Graphically, from posts, tweets, web reviews and YouTubers; it seems PES2018 will yet again come out on top regards play graphics as I'd expect.



I'll leave it up to you to identify which is best; but I've made my decision.

I don't doubt that in some way shape or form, EA have thrown themselves into how the game looks, but as a gamer, a person who has played football at some point, I'd rather have a truer representation to the game than what they throw up with the "ball on the rail passing" as i term it as FIFA has. They have also mentioned player to player contact. I sincerely hope that also doesn't change too much from 2017. I like the thought of playing football rather than being pulled up for stroking a players arm. FIFA boils my piss in this essence.

I'm also seeing from the official Konami PES website that game speed is improved to be more authentic, that we're going to get online co-op across MyClub amongst other features including the integration of PESLeague.

So, this leads me onto where i believe the game needs to go and how to get on top (if they aren't already :o)

  1. Maintain the authenticity to the gameplay

    If you have something, don't shift from it. The gameplay is what sells PES. Doesn't matter which console. Stick with it, don't shift and fight to stay away from the monotony of what FIFA has turned into.

  2. Bring balance to the Force

    Sales is a big things, whilst we know that Microsoft have an issue with adding things (Option Files) unlike PS4; Konami needs to work with MS and Xbox to resolve it. Look at Fallout 4 and also Elder Scrolls, both have Mods available for them on Xbox. If PES is to compete directly on sales, then this is one option to assist in that area.

  3. Make sure that the Online game play is solid

    One of the biggest pitfalls PES has had in the few year I've played it is the Real Madrid vs Real Madrid games; if i want to be Sunderland, i don't want to be pitted against a Real Madrid. I'll just get battered on occasion; make it possible to search for an opponent with an equal rated team. I have big hopes for the Online Beta in July!

  4. Listen to your user base

    EA have stopped properly listening to those who matter. I don't want PES to go the same way. There needs to be a better connectivity to Konami's PES branch over the web directly so people can obtain that information / provide feedback in one place. The communities provide it i know, but still, i don't want to go to various community driven forums to find no official information if this makes sense. Give it to me in ONE place =)

  5. Stay True

    Remember its not all about the YouTuber 😉