F1 2019



For the first time since we started back in 2015, we feel like this is the fairest method to make sure those who you’re competing against are around the same ability.

It also gives you a goal to target, whether it be promotion, to avoid relegation or to improve your racing!


We need you to be REGISTERED to the site as we require:

  1. Confirmation each week that you will be racing
  2. A review of your race
  3. To communicate with you
  4. To be a part of a growing Community!

It’s quite simple really!

  • NO Custom Setups
  • EVERYONE in the same Manufacturer and you get 3 LAPS around an identified track.
  • Same rulings for ALL
  • Your FASTEST lap will see you placed in Tier 1 or Tier 2

  • There’s no setups to be used, what else is restricted?
    • Nothing….ultimately, you can change your wheel / pedals / pad settings to how you wish…at the end of the day, we’re all individuals 🙂

  • What is the Manufacturer / Race Settings?
    • Mercedes
    • Equal Performance
    • No Practice Length
    • No Qualifying
    • Custom Grid (you will be Pole – Admin will be behind / Out of the way)
    • Weather – Clear
    • Session Start Time – Morning
    • Session Privacy – Invite Only
    • Collisons – Off
    • Ghosting – On
    • Car Setup – Fixed
    • Rules and Flags – On
    • Corner Cutting – Regular
    • Race Starts – Manual
    • Tyre Temp – Sim
    • ERS Mode – Manual
    • Assist Restrictions – User Choice


ALL of our work will be carried out on site this season. We want to develop our community, we want you to engage and make each of us at the forefront of what we do!

We’re racing on Xbox – What better way to find out whats going on quickly by logging into the Chat and finding out the links to the site without having to search?

Request to join our Xbox Club – PESOnline co uk to get up to date links and where necessary personal notifications (optional via your own personal settings!) when we need to get in contact!