F1 LEAGUE NEWS! 09/11/2017


Guys, as per our forum post as well as our tweets we've sent out, as of this weekend, we'll be implementing a new request to ALL drivers.

We've seen a lot of personal feedback, be it on Xbox, forums, social media or elsewhere that some drivers are struggling with latency. This is either by being affected by it, or by seeing it. Ultimately, for us; its having a negative impact on our drivers / teams and we need  to resolve this ASAP.

We identified specific areas of issue in the last 2 titles we've had the pleasure of hosting, these were listed in the forum post; as a result of careful consideration, we're making a request to ALL drivers.

We do NOT want any drivers STREAMING this coming Sunday (12/10/17 - Monaco - Night) It is important to note that the rules state that we can request drivers miss a week. Whilst we don't wish for this to take place, we must stress that we will take the necessary precautions to protect our drivers in any way, shape or form and by identifying issues and acting upon those issues, we're holding good on our promise of trying to push F1 and gaming within our community.

Failure to acknowledge this guys will see us issue a Qualifying Penalty the weekend after.

We're serious about making it fair, enjoyable and engaging for all. By us all taking this on board, we'll quickly identify what those issue are.

Thanks for your patience and assistance!





Past Important Information


Apologies for the League Table update delay. We had a lot going on this weekend, especially with the race being moved to the Friday - sorry for those who didn't make it - we went with the majority on the basis of the poll ran on site within the forums.

We're going into the final weekend of Season 1, Abu Dhabi being the last race of the season. Due to the rulings, for those who have been eagled eyed will see, Worsel Rummage has won the Drivers Championship. For those enquiring how or why - we've seen a large turn over in the past where drivers have come and gone, and because of the effort and work that this has taken in the past, we consciously took the effort to attempt to minimise our workload by literally swapping drivers, old for new.

We are looking at this for S2 though, once we've decided we'll updated the rules accordingly within the League Regs. within the forum.

Speaking of SEASON 2, for those drivers wishing to continue into S2, please make sure you have confirmed here: SIGN UP HERE

You can find out what cars are left available here also: Drivers > Constructors Placement S2

Thanks to all for helping maintain our F1 Leagues - its been fantastic to see so many new faces with a great ethos of fair racing at the forefront whilst no complaints regards Assists over the last 7 races.


As per the forum confirmations and also the subsequent vote we listed, a decision has been made regards the race.

Whilst some have highlighted that they can't make it, others have confirmed that they can.

We are ultimately stuck between a rock and a hard place with making a decision to suit all. But we have to make a decision.

The whole idea of posting a poll was to get people's opinions and to gauge if we could stick to the race schedule. There are a hundred million different ways we could have identified when the race was going to take place, however the whole idea of organisation is to take some form of control of a situation. This being the case, this is why we provided three options in that vote.

- Race Friday at 8pm UK time -  a time suitable for admin to hold the race
- Sunday at 6pm UK time - a time suitable for an admin to hold the race
- Postpone it - a simpler option available to us that would suit All

We'd love to be able to appease everyone, but we've learned in the past that we can't. We're two races from the end of Season 1. Remember we do short run seasons to have a quick turn around and to give everyone the ability to improve season on season and the chance to get that podium or win they may have missed out on from the season previous.

Thanks for your patience guys,