F1 2017 Driver of the Week


Welcome to the Driver of the week page.

Tthe third edition of the new weekly feature, the difficult third instalment! Surprised I’ve been even allowed three weeks of my own page. But then again if Cotty is allowing Yorkie his own section anyone could have one!

So we we’re at Spa this week… 17 lined up on the grid, brilliant for the site and the competition, 16 got to the first corner! K3antona having engine problems on the grid (disconnection) and guess what? Yep it rained again! We strangely started under a safety car. And I think we only had 5-8 laps of dry weather! (Can someone tell Yorkie to turn the weather to dry)

A great race Andrea well done to Worsel Rummage on debut for a impressive win,

This weeks driver of the week goes to a long servant to the PES site, Driver of the week is our beautiful brummie.. Mr Forzaguy156

4th place a time Spa at one point he was last. A great recovery, I asked him the deadly 10…

1. Name? – Peter

2. Age? – 21

3. Location? – West Bromwich (wasn’t aware this was an actual place)

4. Favourite F1 driver and team? – Daniel Ricciardo / Red Bull

5. League racing experience? – This league since it started (and he is still here!)

6. Who will win the 2017 F1 championship? – Hamilton

7. Favourite Food? – Spag Bol (why did that autocorrect to ‘slag bol’ ? Tasty!)

8. Most memorable online race? – My first PES online race win at Baku 2016

9. Favourite Music? – RUBY RUBY RUBY RUBY …… The Kaiser Chiefs

10. Best joke you can think of? – Why did the vampire get fired from the blood bank? He was caught drinking on the job….. (let that one sink in guys)

Cheers Peter, winner of the best joke so far! Might get cotty to do a medal end of season for that!

Onto Brazil next week guys, personal favourite of mine I’ll probably crash first lap… hope to see you all Sunday, bring your umbrellas…… ta-ra!