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Welcome to PESOnline UK

We have a proud history and have worked with some of the best in the past for Pro Clubs so know what makes the Online Team Play mode tick. That includes you...

Without you, the Community; our organisation, commitment and systems in place mean nothing.

With you, we have everything.

We may not meet every requirement that you want at first, but we'll move heaven and earth to implement things to make this the very BEST experience there is when it comes to organising, running and being part of our Community.

We've partnered up with the very best for Kit design with the guys over at PESUniverse.com for Option Files and videos for both the Xbox One and PS4.

Not only that, we've gone back to our very good friends at Virtual Pro Network from the FIFA Community who we worked with when FVPA.co.uk was the biggest Pro Clubs community in the UK and the guys there were just as super excited as ourselves to get involved with the Pro Evolution game.

Anyways, enough talk...more action!

We're proud to offer two options:

3 v 3 Co-op Squads

We're all to well aware that Konami have released information at Gamescom (21/08/19) that the competitive option for Co-op will be on the Pro Scene.

We're as upset as you guys but we'd planned long in advance and wanted to make this work!

We can assure you, there'll be competitive Co-op right here!


11 v 11 Team Squads

The BIG one...the one that we ALL want.

We want this...so, so bad and we're hoping you're the same! The full clubs experience and our forte.


We'll be releasing more info and more Forums Soon,

but for now, go & get signed up on VPN!!!



NB: Your Log In to PESOnline UK will not work on VPN - These are separate entities.


Posted : 21/08/2019 8:59 pm

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