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[Solved] Damage??  


Dismal driving yet again from drivers in the league. Two races worth of practice and my time taken away by incompetent driving. Firstly Hungary and now Spa. Fair enough mistakes happen, I make them too. But when you’re fucking over other people with them I have to question why the damage is in such a way that this can happen. Three mistakes in the last two races where someone’s made a mistake infront of me and I’ve come out of it worse due to it, and is impossible for me to avoid.

Damage should be on simulation or completely off. That way you’re either punishing people who make the mistakes or not punishing anyone, including the people caught up like myself. 

Posted : 25/05/2020 2:14 am

Evening mate, apologies for the delay in the reply.

Just a query is this a dig at us for leaving the damage on full or the drivers involved? Either way, drop us a line privately and we'll discuss.

I know others mentioned the racing and i agree, it wasn't great. I do however think connection issues were one of the major causes. Now, i'm not highlighting you for anything other than its right at the beginning of my stream of the race but please see the video which shows what was happening:

Now, you've had no known issues throughout the rest of the season so i doubt that this had anything to do with yourself; Howling was lagging in my capture as well and that was another incident that took place and he knew nothing about so again, just an example.

Ideally, would love to discuss it prior to S2 starting, so please drop me a msg on here or wherever.



Posted : 26/05/2020 8:02 pm