5v5 Tri Community Cup


When we started our Pro Evo journey, I promised myself that i'd work hard on creating links within the Community. At the end of the day, we're new to the franchise. We've swapped consoles from Xbox One to PS4 (shame on you MS) to get the best experience of what we would deem to be one of the finest football video games to date.

Yes, we've all got our opinions - for the purpose of arguing which game is better, we don't care. For us, we're converts to Pro Evo. Thus the work that has gone in.

I've been chatting with Rivaldoooo_21 for good period now who is part of PES LIEUTVA, a PES Community in Lithuania; they're extremely committed to PES as is our other Community partner and something we as a new UK community want to aspire to for PES. Running offline competitions and having a thirst for 10v10 there's no doubt our conversations have been very promising.

Come to mention having very promising conversations, KimJong86; a user who invited us to the PES Community Invitational Tournament was kind enough to take on a conversation with me and kindly pointed me in the direction of one Balkan-Gaming.net's Admins, Chille_HR. They're also another extremely committed Community who have stringent rules in place for their competitions from reports to stats recording; again something that we as a fledgling UK Community website should take heed of.

Both Communities have openly accepted our invitation to get involved in a Tri-Community-Cup; a three way competition based on 5v5 in PES Online Team Play Lobbies.

A few things are being ironed out, however we're hoping this will be the start of several key areas for us as a PES Community, our 5v5 Community as we grow to the heady heights of 11v11 as well as our Community cohesion which is something of a must for me.

If you're interested in getting involved with your friends, team-mates or fellow PES Players, then head over to the forums and get involved!

Don't forget, should you need it, the Shout Box is there for quick and easy communication!